Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio

Turning Dresses into Dreams


Cinderella's Closet 2024 is nearly complete!

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Beautiful princess in a pink sparkle dress

Our Princesses

Every girl needs the chance to feel like a princess. At Cinderella's Closet, we aim to encourage every student to recognize her beauty and value by experiencing a unique, personal, and FREE prom shopping experience. Click below to learn who is eligible and how to register a princess for a visit to our pop-up boutique.


Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio


We love our volunteers! Cinderella's Closet relies on volunteers to help our princesses with their prom shopping experience. You can learn more about volunteering with us, by clicking here.


Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio


Cinderella's Closet is a nonprofit organziation. We rely on donations to serve more than 200 high school students every prom season. Consider donating to Cinderella's Closet.

Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio

Encouraging High School girls to recognize their beauty and value by providing a prom shopping experience

Our Core Values

Actively Seeks out Opportunities to Share Unconditional Love with Each Individual We Serve

Creates a Safe Atmosphere that Allows Each High School Girl to Shop for her Prom with Grace and Dignity

Values and Appreciates the Partnerships that Allow Us to Make an Impact in Our Community

Our Story

Cinderella's Closet began when Erin Peterson, Cinderella's Closet's founder, was shopping in a consignment shop and overheard a high school student struggling to afford the prom dress she wanted.  Erin felt the nudge to offer to pay for this young stranger's prom dress.  As this girl walked out the door with her "new" dress in hand she turned to Erin and said, "I'm going to look just like Cinderella on my prom night!"  The following spring the first Cinderella's Closet shopping event was held in Lakeside Park, KY.  Since beginning in 2006 Cinderella's Closet has spread to 10 states and has helped nearly 20,000 high school girls shop for their prom at no cost.  


In the fall of 2009, Sara Mosteller found herself in the middle of several shattered dreams needing something to give her life meaning and importance. She volunteered at a dress-fitting event because she needed to do something that made her feel good. Sara underestimated the things in store for her! At the end of the event, Sara was approached by Erin Peterson, the Founder of Cinderella's Closet, and asked to be involved in the Northern Kentucky event that spring. Sara quickly agreed. Sara did not anticipate that she would soon be hosting her own Cinderella's Closet event just north of Cincinnati. Within 2 months, Sara gathered an army of volunteers along with a large inventory of dresses, shoes, and jewelry, and served more than one hundred registered princesses. Serving as the Director of Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio is never something Sara envisioned as a volunteer back in 2009, but she was exactly where she needed to be. She has continued serving and leading, helping others to find importance in the work of Cinderella's Closet.


The Southwest Ohio location began in 2010 and has been serving high school girls ever since.  In 2018, Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio officially launched as a non-profit organization. Together we are "Turning Dresses Into Dreams".

Cinderella's Closet Southwest Ohio

A Word from our Community

What a terrific job you do and with such passion! and energy!  I am a first-time volunteer and was overwhelmed with the scope of your event.

Many thanks for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing outreach.


Words really cannot express my gratitude. Wednesday night was a dream come true. It was amazing. 
Ari had spent days prior intensely worrying about whether or not she would find a “princess” dress. Earlier that day, she didn’t feel well as her worries overshadowed all our plans. 
Ari arrived home that night on a high like never before. She was excited to show us all that was shared with her. She couldn’t believe that others would be so generous and she mattered that much. 
Thank you. Thank you So much. You shared so much more than a special dress. 


Mom of a Princess

We had such an amazing experience with you last year. Savannah is now a senior and already excited for prom. We love and respect everything you do for our girls and the community. Thank you.


Mom of a Princess