How to Schedule a Princess Appointment

Princess Appointments

All appointments are scheduled through a school or community agency staff member. Any staff member can make appointments, and multiple princesses can be scheduled by a staff member!

PLEASE NOTE: Appointments cannot be made by princesses or parents/guardians. Please reach out to your school counselor, teacher or social service agency staff for assistance.

In 2023, 33 schools and other agencies scheduled at least one princess.

Our community contact list includes high school teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and county success program staff, as well as agency staff members from organizations like Hope’s Closet, The Edge Teen Center, Child and Family Services, churches, and more.

If you are a student who wishes to be a princess, we encourage you to share this site with a trusted adult. If you need help finding someone, reach out to Sara by emailing her at

If you are a staff member at a school or agency, simply click the “Schedule an Appointment” button to get started.